brian smithBrian Smith received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1986. Recruited after college by Cargill, Inc. as a plant and project engineer, Brian gained substantial training in industrial safety and loss control, industrial environments, project development, corporate capital approval processes and employee involvement. This set the foundation for a career in industrial construction and project development.

The next two decades were spent working for two general contractors. Starting as a field level construction manager, Brian then worked as an estimator, a project manager, a technical/engineering salesman, and finally as a vice-president. Working with a variety of companies including Union Pacific Railroad, Cargill, BP Pipelines, Farmland Foods, Ameren UE and The Holmes Group/Rival Manufacturing, solidified his knowledge and ability to create value in the construction process and provide effective project management. These and other companies returned for repeat projects over a two decade career.

Recognized by his peers, Brian has served on various boards including:
- State of Missouri Contractors Liaison Committee
- Varco-Pruden Buildings Presidents Advisory Board
- Varco-Pruden Buildings Marketing Council
- Sedalia Rotary Club Board of Directors
- Sedalia Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors and President
- Sedalia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

When the opportunity was presented to provide consulting and management services, Brian accepted and took his career in a new direction. This new endeavor proved ideal for his experience and integrity, which is now utilized by companies and non-profits to lower costs, foster effective relationships with suppliers, and safely construct high quality, on time buildings and equipment processes.

kathy croppedKathi Oster graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in‭ ‬1993‭ ‬with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.‭ ‬She later went on to earn her Master of Business Administration degree,‭ ‬summa cum laude,‭ ‬from Northwest MO State University.

‬For the first five years of her career,‭ ‬Kathi worked as an accountant for the state of Missouri,‭ ‬Department of Mental Health.‭ ‬She was in charge of yearly operating and expense budgets,‭ ‬tracking all allocations and expenditures,‭ ‬and payment of invoices.‭

Kathi spent the next part of her career as an auditor with the Missouri Gaming Commission.‭ ‬Kathi's responsibilities included performing audits of riverboat casinos to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations.‭

In the following decade,‭ ‬Kathi worked in education,‭ ‬spending time as a mathematical item writer for CTB McGraw Hill,‭ ‬followed by several years teaching high school mathematics,‭ ‬business,‭ ‬and marketing classes and leading the DECA chapter.

When CSC Construction Group, LLC was created,‭ ‬Kathi found her prior experience provided her with a perfect fit as the‭ ‬office manager for the company.‭ ‬Since its inception,‭ ‬Kathi has been responsible for project accounting for all construction projects undertaken by CSC Construction Group, LLC,‭ ‬from the initial purchase order to the final payment.

John NewmanJohn Newman graduated Cum Laude from the University of Missouri,‭ ‬Columbia with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in‭ ‬1984.‭ ‬Upon graduation,‭ ‬John began his career designing defense systems at Texas Instruments.‭ ‬Following‭ ‬5‭ ‬years of design work,‭ ‬John moved to Abbott Laboratories where he served in both project and team leadership roles,‭ ‬eventually working in an engineering management position.‭

Over the following‭ ‬2‭ ‬decades,‭ ‬John took on a variety of management roles in Sales,‭ ‬Marketing,‭ ‬and Operations leading teams and driving projects to successful completion.‭ ‬During this time,‭ ‬he learned the importance of listening to the customer,‭ ‬developing partnerships based on integrity,‭ ‬and the need for effective and respectful communication.‭

John is a leader with a strategic mindset and a strong focus on understanding customer needs.‭ ‬He’s a team player who understands it’s often necessary to wear many hats to be successful.‭ ‬He’s results driven,‭ ‬assertive,‭ ‬and motivated to provide CSC Construction Group, LLC’s customers with the best possible assistance and support.‭ ‬John resides in Austin,‭ ‬Texas.

Robert EverettRobert has spent an entire career in industrial construction.‭ ‬His first job performing millwright work and pipeline welding in North Carolina offered an opportunity to attend classes for blueprint reading,‭ ‬drafting,‭ ‬and diesel mechanics.‭ ‬Robert’s diverse and extensive skill set includes construction of food facilities,‭ ‬ethanol plants,‭ ‬grain handling,‭ ‬and milling.‭

Robert’s background also includes a wide range of industrial equipment and processing installations.‭ ‬Having worked around heavy industry his entire career,‭ ‬Robert has successfully mastered complex installations including process piping,‭ ‬pipeline welding,‭ ‬steel erection,‭ ‬millwright work,‭ ‬conveyer and rail systems,‭ ‬rigging and setting major equipment.‭

Robert’s technical abilities are complemented by his professional style and even demeanor.‭ ‬His construction sites are safe,‭ ‬productive,‭ ‬consistently on budget,‭ ‬and his customers ask for him back.‭ ‬Robert’s character,‭ ‬skill set,‭ ‬and integrity are virtually unmatched among the elite project managers in the industry. Robert resides in Macon, Missouri.

Jim AngeloJim Angelo’s experience in the construction industry spans‭ ‬4‭ ‬decades.‭ ‬He began working as a laborer in‭ ‬1976,‭ ‬and eventually earned his degree in construction management from Ferris State University in Michigan in‭ ‬1982.‭ Since then, Jim has built an impressive resume that includes experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction,  as well as area project executive experience on a 3.5 billion dollar Hotel and Casino, and a $750 million shopping mall, both in Las Vegas. ‬As a Senior Construction Manager for national developer‭ ‬General Growth,‭ ‬Jim was responsible for projects ranging from‭ ‬$15‭ ‬to‭ ‬$150‭ ‬million.‭ ‬Jim has expertise in all different contract delivery types including Construction Management,‭ ‬General Contracting, and Design Build Construction.‭

Jim’s management strengths include a calm demeanor,‭ ‬impeccable organizational skills,‭ ‬and an excellent rapport with contractors and the owner.‭ ‬Jim resides in Lowell,‭ ‬Michigan.

Siron Sean

Sean began his career in construction soon after high school as an ironworker and laborer. Sean’s mechanical and construction aptitude, and natural leadership, quickly put him on a fast track to management.

Sean filled the roles of ironworker foreman, general foreman, superintendent, and eventually Senior Project Manager. His multi-million-dollar project experience includes 200,000 square foot industrial plants and warehouses, food processing plants, multi-story medical and hospital projects, as well as institutional/educational building projects.

At CSC Group, Sean manages many of the projects in the Sedalia and Central Missouri region, as well as filling the role of estimating for CSC Steel. This includes Varco-Pruden pre-engineered steel materials, conventional steel materials, and steel erection proposals.

Sean’s attention to detail, natural leadership, strong work ethic, customer focus, and decades of experience coupled with his light-hearted style make him an extremely effective and well-liked construction professional. Sean resides in Sedalia, Missouri.

Sean EdwardsSean Edwards graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He was PHR and SHRM certified in 2014. He later took engineering coursework from Arizona State University from 2015-2017.

Beginning in 2008, Sean worked in a variety of roles within Human Resources and Information Systems. He enjoyed working in a variety of industrial environments including distribution centers, heavy industrial gas-turbine products, and a corrugated packaging manufacturing and fulfillment center.  From 2015 to 2018 he combined his knowledge sets within Human Resources and Software Engineering at Epiq Systems, Inc. on the Workday HRIS Platform.

When CSC Construction Group, LLC continued to expand, Sean found their emphasis on safety & client satisfaction to be a perfect place to break new ground on Project Management.  He enjoys working with large teams which share a common vision for each project. Sean resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

barry smith1

Barry Smith received an Associate’s Degree in Auto Mechanics from State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri in 1986. He began his career as a mechanic with Ditzfeld Trucking, where he gained experience diagnosing problems and finding solutions to keep a major trucking fleet safe and operational.

Moving to a manufacturing environment, he gained experience with precision machinery, exacting standards, and maintaining manufacturing equipment.

As Operations Manager for CSC Steel, LLC, Barry’s integrity, mechanical aptitude, experience managing employees, ability to meet deadlines, problem-solving skills, and capability to meet and exceed customer expectations is a perfect fit.

Barry has guided the CSC Steel erection crews through over 50 successful projects. Competent in both conventional steel and pre-engineered steel, successful projects include catwalks, minor building modifications, small and mid-size buildings, but also includes erection of 100,000 square feet multi-story industrial buildings, numerous bridge cranes, as well as food processing facilities and grain milling installations over 90 feet tall.

Barry’s work ethic and passion for success have manifested itself in solid, professional erection crews. Barry’s precise standards and crew development have generated erection quality, modularity, and weather tightness that is rarely duplicated in the ironworking industry. Barry resides in Florence, Missouri.


Sara received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from the University of Central Missouri in 2004.

Sara spent her early career as a regional manager of several retail stores, and then as a regional manager in the home healthcare industry, successfully expanding the customer base and employee competencies. She then moved to an office manager/accounting role in the legal field, working with many of the state’s top attorneys and prosecutors. Eventually, Sara’s experience included virtually every attorney support role including accounting, scheduling, payroll, paralegal, and even IT. In addition, she obtained and maintains her real estate license.

When Sara joined CSC Group, she had an immediate impact by formalizing yet streamlining the many complex systems required of a construction entity. She continues to help build on the company’s existing online and phone app based PO’s and time cards, to include reports, safety inspections, daily pre-job hazard assessments, cost accounting, etc.

Sara brings intelligence, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, computer systems and IT prowess, and a rare combination of a patient but no-nonsense approach to controlling and managing the company assets. Sara resides in Sedalia, Missouri.