kathy croppedKathi Oster graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in‭ ‬1993‭ ‬with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.‭ ‬She later went on to earn her Master of Business Administration degree,‭ ‬summa cum laude,‭ ‬from Northwest MO State University.

‬For the first five years of her career,‭ ‬Kathi worked as an accountant for the state of Missouri,‭ ‬Department of Mental Health.‭ ‬She was in charge of yearly operating and expense budgets,‭ ‬tracking all allocations and expenditures,‭ ‬and payment of invoices.‭

Kathi spent the next part of her career as an auditor with the Missouri Gaming Commission.‭ ‬Kathi's responsibilities included performing audits of riverboat casinos to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations.‭

In the following decade,‭ ‬Kathi worked in education,‭ ‬spending time as a mathematical item writer for CTB McGraw Hill,‭ ‬followed by several years teaching high school mathematics,‭ ‬business,‭ ‬and marketing classes and leading the DECA chapter.

When CSC Construction Group, LLC was created,‭ ‬Kathi found her prior experience provided her with a perfect fit as the‭ ‬office manager for the company.‭ ‬Since its inception,‭ ‬Kathi has been responsible for project accounting for all construction projects undertaken by CSC Construction Group, LLC,‭ ‬from the initial purchase order to the final payment.